Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just a thought...

I purchased a lovely pattern to make an i-phone holder from the lovely Flossie Teacakes and made one for Woody, the shop and the school fete more recently.

This is the most recent one, made using linen and some more of Ceri's lovely fabric, I absolutely love the idea of putting some lovely fabric inside, it's kind of secret just for the owner if you know what I mean.
Anyway I was trying to think of useful sellable things for the fete, middle of summer hopefully sunny what about sun glasses cases, I know I need one. However I don't know much about making up patterns, so I thought what if the phone holder was a bit bigger, surely a glasses case must be based on the same principle. So I decided on the size cut out the rectangles and put it together in the same way as I did for the phone holder, much to my amazement it worked.

So here it is a finished sun glasses case, with a butterfly on the front and back and lined with a lovely liberty print, I also added a little keyring on the side. As it's the trial one I think I should keep it....you know to test it.... lol. 
So that was my light bulb moment of the year ; )
Emma x


  1. This is gorgeous Emma! I think they would make brilliant presents.. oh, and I love that I keep spotting my fabric here and there, really pleased it's getting used! (more than it is here at the moment, one baby keeping me very busy!)

  2. Its lovely Emma, what a great idea for the fete I'm sure they will be a sell out. Beautiful embroidery.
    Em xx

  3. Ooh, that's lovely! Brilliant idea and perfect for the time of year!

  4. Emma, have just discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying looking through your archives. I especially love your sweet embroidery, I love how it can really brighten up a project! Keep up the good work!