Monday, 11 July 2011


My sewing box is finished, yay! Already it's full of all my stuff that was in a plastic bag behind the sofa...(you know the one I mean). All the sharp things are in the bottom, which with my two girlies is a lot safer than the pen pots they were in before, even a little bit of knitting fits in the top so it's to hand and away from little fingers that can do an awful lot of damage to a bit of knitting ( such as removing it from needles....grrr )!!!

So here it is, still very rustic looking and I could have done with filling the holes where the handle was but I'm so pleased with it.
Yesterday I went to Hampton Court Flower Show, It was fab I had a lovely day walked miles and saw lots, I may have a-hem spent a bit too, on plants and a new brolly, ( I needed them I really did ).

This garden was called The Stockman's Retreat by Chris Beardshaw I think and apologise if the name is spelt wrong it was so beautiful I loved it.

They had an Alice in Wonderland theme for the floral marquee I loved this stack of cups and saucers, especially the green stripey one that some how reminds me of a squash. Wouldn't you just love a little stack like that in your kitchen? I know I would.
Emma x
p.s sorry about the blurriness of the top two pictures, I can't seem to take a picture with the flash that isn't blurry, any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong would be gratefully received x


  1. Ooh, that sewing box is lovely! Great paint-job! Regarding photos, I would say try and take pics without the flash - you obviously need decent daylight for that but you'll probably get better photos. It's one of the first things I learned when I started blogging!
    R x

  2. Oh jealous of your organised sewing box! Good job :) On the camera thing, as above I always take pics outside if possible, but if not, try resting the camera on a steady surface. The blurryness maybe because your hand moves slightly?

  3. Hi Emma, Yes I agree with Rachel, is beautiful!! Great job. It looks lovely all filled with your sewing bits and bobs.