Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mug cosy

I can't tell you how long I have been desperately trying to make mug cosies , I cannot stand cold tea and the thought of something wooly to keep my tea warm is very appealing. Also I think they would make lovely presents especially for my tea and coffee drinking friends in the thrift shop.
I don't know how to crochet so I have been trying to knit them and NO I am not putting the sorry evidence on here...although it would give you all a good laugh...hmm I'll maybe consider it.
One of my favourite blogs to read is Attic 24, Lucy's crochet is absolutely amazing and she very kindly has a lot of free patterns on her blog, in all of her patterns she describes how to do each stitch in such a way that even I can follow. So I thought what the heck I'll try and crochet a mug cosy, I have used just one simple stitch, don't ask me what cos I don't know! This is what I've made.

It looks like they are showing us how to make these in next months Mollie Makes (thats where the tea bag idea was from) I think it looks knitted though so if there is a proper pattern I may try knitting another one, I'm hoping there will be some ideas for the fastening around the handle as well. I am very happy with this one and I will be making more as it only took an evening and it was easy yay :D.
Emma x


  1. That looks fab. T do the fastening you do a few single corchets (long enough to go round a button) and then tie it into the main mug cover. I like your tied version - ribbons would look lovely too. x

  2. What a cool (or warm!) idea! I can't believe your crochet is so neat and even, mine goes all tight, and is totally good for nothing!

  3. That looks so cute! I hope the pattern in Mollie Makes will be for a knitted one, as I can't crochet either. I'm impressed that you figured out how to do it though!

  4. Your crochet is so neat for a beginner. I think you should carry on and do more.

    Lovely cozy. Does it tickle your lip though?!!


  5. Not a solitary second abandoned abandoning me in absolute shock.