Monday, 5 December 2011

Look away now if you don't like chocolate !

This is my first attempt at rocky road, it was delicious, notice I'm saying was, as it is all gone....yummy.

Emma x


  1. I'm afraid I was unable to look away and sat gazing at your delicious rocky road display for far too long..........I had to go in search of a crunchie, the glass cake stand. x

  2. does look yummy - are they malteesers I can see in there?

  3. It looks gorgeous!I always make rocky road with my son at Christmas but I have to say ours looks less impressive(we still gobble it down though):)xx

  4. It looks so wonderful and I didn't look away either. We're munching mince pies at the moment but that rocky road is very tempting. And thank you for the lovely comment on my blog

    Kate x