Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blogging is a winter sport, well for me anyway

I have been struggling to write a post for a couple of weeks, I suppose it's because I haven't made anything really and I haven't had the light to photograph anything. 
I have my allotment and garden and we are house hunting add to that family life and a young dog who needs training and two walks a day and time is escaping me. 
In a very good way of course I love to be busy but something has to give and at this time of year I am too busy to make things and I don't really want to be sat inside at the computer.
So a blogging break is necessary, I promise I'll be back after the summer holidays, if not before.
And I will still be visiting all the lovely blogs I like to read.
I shall sign off for now and wish you all a wonderful summer ( if the sun decides to come out that is )

Emma x


  1. Enjoy your summer break Emma, and best of luck with the house hunting.............hopefully I'll be back in September, maybe before that if I have too many withdrawal symptoms, lol.
    lily xxxx

  2. I don't blame you! Dogs do take up quite a bit of time don't they! Have a lovely summer and I look forward to reading all about your summer x

  3. Hi Emma,
    Enjoy your break - but don't stay away for too long! And stop by at my 'place' for a chat now and again....