Friday, 28 September 2012

embroidery for soon to be 11 year olds ( if her Mum doesn't nick it ! )

Hello, eek thats about two weeks since the last post, September has flown by at the speed of light !
So much for being a more consistent blogger : )
Any way, last time I promised a post about a lovely embroidery kit from Lilipopo, I saw these kits when Kate first listed them and thought that would be lovely for Hollie as you get everything you need and full instructions. As usual I dithered and they had all gone but fortunately Kate had listed some more phew.

 It all comes in this cute little bag

You really do get everything you need

Kate has also included spare fabric and the pattern so you can do another one.
You also get detailed instructions for the stitches

I am sure Hollie will adore this kit and more importantly I'm sure she will be able to do it,
it will be her first piece of embroidery, all I need to do is keep my hands off it and NOT INTERFERE!!!
Lilipopo has a lovely blog and you can get to all her lovely patterns and makes in her shop from her blog.
I'll try not to leave it too long before the next post, have a lovely weekend.

Emma x

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