Friday, 12 October 2012

Christmas Stockings

I've started the Christmas things already, I am determined not to leave it till the last minute this year, although I must confess I do feel that I've already left it too late, better late than never I say.
So I've made the children some new stockings they are a little bigger than the old ones not huge but big enough to fit more than a tube of sweets in, 38 cm long and the opening is 18cm wide.

They are quilted fully lined and personalised, I have made them with 100% cotton prints so they will be washable and hopefully last a long time, it would be so lovely to think that one day their own children may use them.....
So Christmas is started then, best I go and make some more things while I'm on a roll : )

Have a lovely weekend

Emma x


  1. Emma, it's beautiful! Well done you! I'm looking forward to the next christmassy projects.....

  2. They are lovely, and it's never too late! Beth/thelinencat :)