Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The quilt obsession continues

It's been so snowy here, we've had snow on the ground for a week and it's still beautiful, crisp and white.
As the roads are clear I'm rather enjoying it along with the children and the dog.
The temperature hmm well not quite so much, it was  -9 last night brrrr and it has been as cold as -13 really brrrr.
All this cold weather has spurred me on to finish another quilt, I really loved Mum and Dad's Joel Dewberry quilt so I used the rest of the fabric to make my own.
I have been putting brushed cotton on the back of my quilts just for it's snugglyness.....it's so soft and warm.
Brushed cotton is really expensive, so I had a look into alternatives and I found you can get really good quality 100% cotton brushed cotton flat sheets in loads of colours for a very reasonable price :o) They work extremely well as a quilt backing.
Any way enough of my blethering, here it is.

It's so cosy.
Stay warm where you are,
Emma x


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful - and I've just peeked at the animal bunting - wow! Just found your blog and looking forward to exploring it a bit more x

  2. Beautiful quilt, and the flannel backing sounds divine! We have a flannel duvet set which is so amazingly soft and snuggly (perfect in this cold weather) so I can't wait to try backing a quilt with some too. R x