Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October…a little late….

Wow how busy was October… extra shifts at work and lots on at school, finished with a lovely visit to see our families.
I try and grow pumpkins every year with varying degrees of success and this year was no different, I didn't manage many but what I did grow were perfect. The tiniest ones are Jack be little and the other one is Amazonka, ha ha what a fab name.
I finished October's cross stitch, a gorgeous owl and managed to finish the autumn sampler too, so cute.
Lastly we had a fab evening trick or treating in our lovely neighbourhood, needless to say the zombie pumpkin and the witch came home with enough sweeties to last them till Christmas (well if their Daddy doesn't eat them all anyway)
Bye for now Emma x


  1. I love your cross stitch - it's so cute!

  2. Hummm.....just left a comment but it vanished! I was saying how much I like your cross stitch and all the other lovely autumnal goodness in this post. Bethx