Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Love is in the air

I couldn't resist this gorgeous little love stamp cross stitch from The frosted pumpkin stitchery so adorable. 
I made it in to a mini quilt with extra wadding so it would stand up like a picture. I was after quick fix cuteness to brighten up the mantle, so I was too impatient didn't want to wait for a frame.
I also took down my Christmas sampler (it needs a proper frame and it isn't Christmas any more). It left a really blank space on the wall, so again after a quick fix I stitched up some hearts with some pink and red scraps and made a little decoration for the wall, the picture is pants but it really does brighten that wall up nicely.
I can't believe we're at the end of february already…yay for march and the clocks going forward :-)

Emma xxx

1 comment:

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