Monday, 15 August 2011

Tea and stitching.

I've felt the urge to stitch for the first time in ages, hooray perhaps I've got my mojo back it's been long enough! I think sometimes when you feel a bit low the things you need to do to get you out of a rut seem to be the last things you want to do.
Vintage teapots, cups and saucers I love them and the tea that comes out of them. So I got out an old teapot that I love the shape of and started sketching, choosing, cutting and stitching. I also dug out an old frame that I forgot I had until I found it. As I used things I already had it was a free project too, lovely.

I'm going to hang it in the kitchen, I spend a lot of time in there (out of choice) it's my little sanctuary, I'm really pleased with it and I enjoyed making it. 
I've got to sort myself out before the christmas rush starts or I'll be in big trouble.
Emma x


  1. That is really sweet! Isn't it satisfying to make something without having to buy ANYTHING!

  2. That is so cute Emma! Hmm, tea & stitching, what could be nicer? Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit low, but hope you're enjoying the lazy summer days.
    R x

  3. so pretty, I love the fabric of the teapot

    Kate x

  4. This is lovely! I am currently in a rut myself. I need to get motivated.

  5. Such a beautiful stitched picture to hand in your kitchen, so pretty.

  6. Oh that's lovely. Glad your mojo is back, I know what it's like, mine has been hiding a bit as of late. Hope your creative flow continues :) Bethx