Sunday, 7 August 2011

Where have I been ?

I can't believe I wrote my last post on the 16th of July and we are already at the 8th of August, I should apologise but I have been so busy on the allotment that I feel the break can be justified, well just about any way.
I don't think I have shared any full allotment pictures so here they are kindly taken by another gardener, who is very handy with a camera.
Sweetcorn, peas and beans.

Giant sun flowers.

Strawberries, sprouts in the background, there are also some late potatoes in there too.

Pumpkin, called baby bear.

The courgettes are taking over the world.

french beans.


I hope everyone is having a lovely summer break, hopefully I will have some more sewing to show soon.
Emma x

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  1. Your allotment is looking lovely, I am envious especially because I am no kind of gardener! I've just seen your last post and your cat is so cute, I'm so pleased the pattern worked ok! It's lovely that you both did it together