Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Well it's been a few weeks since I've tended to my blog and I have really enjoyed my Easter break. I hope you all had a lovely break too.
The Children are both back to full health ( until they catch something else of course ) they are very happy to be back at school after two weeks of scootering, cycling, yes Sophie is now able to ride with no stabilisers hooray, trips to church farm, having their Daddy at home and of course plenty of chocolate eating : )
I have been on the allotment sewing carrots and peas. I've been weeding, digging and planning. I have also sewn some brocoli, leeks, tomatoes, verbena, sweet peas, and petunias in the green house. It's looking very full in there.
I have made some really good progress on the hexagon quilt, in fact I now only have one and a bit more flowers to do and I can start filling in the gaps and sewing it together, my fabric drawer is looking alot more manageable now, all ready to be filled with some new fabric ( good job Woody doesn't read this ). 
It's been wonderful to do some blog reading too and I have discovered some lovely blogs and had a rearange of the list of blogs I enjoy reading, it's right at the bottom of the page. I must look at moving it nearer the top.
We also had a lovely trip to Stow hall, we often drive past and say how beautiful the gardens are and wouldn't it be wonderful to look around, Imagine how excited we were to find that they were open to the public on Easter day ( VERY ) and dogs on leads were welcome so Casper came too. It was lovely and we can't wait to go again.
Not a great picture but you get the idea, this quilt is going to be rather larger than I thought, it's sitting on a kingsize bed here, I don't do things by halves me : )

These are all from Stow hall and they really don't do it justice or cover half of it, there were hellebores,  magnolias some very imaginative topiary, ancient trees and beautiful buildings. I want to go back at all different times of the year to see how it changes. What a magical place and it's about 10 mins from where we live, wonderful.
Well, that just about covers Easter I think, Wishing you all a wonderful week,
Emma x
P.S. sorry the post looks like a bag of skittles has exploded on it but I have just discovered how to change the font colour, there will be no stopping me now ;)


  1. Haha, I actually love the multicoloured text! It seems to make it much easier to read (and it looks pretty too!)
    R x

  2. Good to see you back Emma, glad you enjoyed your easter break. I love visiting open gardens too, especially as my own garden is the size of a postage stamp........your hexie quilt is coming along beautifully.

    Well done Sophie,

    lily xx

  3. Loving the hexies. I didn't even notice the font colours until you pointed them out. xx

  4. So pleased to hear that the children are feeling better. I love the explosion of skittles it looks very pretty. I'm in awe of your lovely hexes! Xx

  5. Skittles, lol, loving the rainbow! Glad you had a good break..welcome back! x

  6. Lovely gardens, those arches are beautiful. I admire your tenacity stitching such a huge quilt! I would love to make one but can't quite get beyond the idea of beginning!! Are you hand stitching the hexies?

  7. Hi Emma, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award, don't worry if you're a bit busy at the mo, it does take a bit of time to post it.
    lily xx