Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter break

Well the Easter hols start at three o clock today and I can't wait for the break, neither can the girls we are all tired and in need of some time off. The same with everyone I think.
I'm taking a blogging holiday over Easter too, I want to spend time with my family and in the garden.
I'll still be checking in on everyone's blogs from time to time though.
So I'll leave you with some Easter baking,

and a picture of my finished socks hooray about bloomin time I hear you say !

Have a wonderful, wonderful Easter,

Emma x


  1. Beautiful socks! I love sock knitting too. And those hot cross buns are the most perfect I have ever seen!! I'm telling myself that you put the good ones in the photo and the wonky ones are hidden but I suspect they were all this perfect! Have a lovely easter x

  2. your socks are so groovy! well done on finishing them, now enjoy wearing them :)

  3. have knitted socks.......well done you, those buns look delicious, hope you had a lovely easter.
    lily x