Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Granny square progress

I haven't got much to show this week but this is how far I am so far with my blanket, considering I'm just using up ends of wool I think it looks ok : ) I have no idea what weights the wools are because the packaging is gone, so the squares are a little wonky, I don't mind that though I just didn't want to waste all that lovely wool.
I thought I had done loads of squares, I have realised they don't go very far, my problem is that I want everything finished yesterday and I get bored when it goes on too long.
My solution...have lots of things on the go so I can pick one thing up and swap when I get bored of it, unfortunately it takes an age to complete anything so progress is frustratingly slow.
Lacks focus and easily distracted is what my report would say (probably is what they said)
So I'll use up what wool I have, then just keep going round the edges in that lovely green (which I have loads of) until it's big enough.
I'm still working on socks hopefully there will be something to show soon.
Also I'm working on some art quilts for the shop (I'm not giving up !)
No more progress on the hexie quilt as yet though.
As spring has sprung I find myself drawn back into the garden and down the allotment, we have had purple sprouting brocoli and there are still some new potatoes to be unearthed too.

Have a lovely week,

Emma x

ps sorry I keep messing about with the header, I can't seem to find a picture I like, I'll leave it as it is until I take a decent one (could be a while)

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  1. Wow! You are busy, with so many projects on the go! I have to admit that I'm an impatient crafter too.