Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tea and cake

It's very gloomy again here ( my excuse for bad pictures ) The dog and I have been for a walk, actually quite enjoyable even though it was raining, he had a great time.
We returned from the walk cold and rather peckish...well whats a girl to do...

Tea and a slice of banana and cranberry loaf yum, thats better now on to the more serious business of trying to photograph my big quilt progress in the dark ( it's forgotten to get light here today).
I really wanted to use the white print around all of the flowers but as I'm working my way through it's become apparent that I won't have enough of that fabric so a rethink is going to have to happen. I think I will just carry on making flowers in strips with what I have and fit them all together, it's supposed to be random and I know it will turn out fine if I stop worrying about it. Actually looking at this I think I will have more flexibility if I unpick into single flowers and put it together at the end, decision made yay.

It was Sophie's sixth birthday last week and these are her birthday fairy cakes. They grow so quickly I don't know where time goes, it seems only yesterday that she was a baby. Any way she had a lovely day, got loads of lovely presents and we all ate too much cake.

Right, I'm off to unpick my quilt I feel better much for making a decision about it.

Emma x


  1. I love your hexie flowers, putting them altogether at the end is most probably the best option, then you can see what you have to play with............I made the mistake of 'joining as I go' with my Happy Crochet Blanket, and now I'm about two thirds finished and find I've run out of some of the yarns and can't find all the same shades..........mind you she has been a couple of years in the making, lol.
    lily x

  2. Isn't it lovely to make a decision and jump straight to work. It feels all proactive and actiony.

    The pale colour hexy's do set off the flowers a real treat though. But now you'll have all manner of options at your finger tips.

    Cake looks good. Oh so good. I have to lose 7lbs in 3 weeks as I'm modelling in my friends book. You cake is not helping me missus!!


  3. Hi Emma,
    I have just stumbled upon your blog - what a happy accident!!! I love it here!!! You're clearly a lady of many, MANY talents! There are so many lovely makes to see here, and so many things to make my mouth water! I'm definitely going to be visiting frequently from now on.....

  4. Your hexagons are looking lovely and I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts a project only to discover I may have to make a few changes! I love the sound of banana and cranberry loaf! especially with a cup of tea. Sounds like heaven!

    Kate x