Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back again......

I'm back, the computer is fixed hooray......amazing the hassle that's caused by needing a hard drive replaced !
Well I've been desperate to show and tell a couple of quilts I've made. The first one being made with the beautiful Joel Dewberry Heritage fabric, I can't get enough of it it's lovely.

I'm so pleased with this one, wish I could keep's not for me....unless the recipient doesn't like it ....
The next one I made with Momo Oh Deer fabric, which was love at first sight, so bright and fresh and just a bit Christmassy. I just made a small lap quilt which is backed with a lovely soft snuggle cloth. I use it every evening and I love it, keeping this one :-)

Still a few more things to show, I'm really excited about some woolly woodland animal bunting that I'm making.
See you next week,
Emma x


  1. Hi there. Glad your computer problems are all sorted! It's quite scary how, nowadays, everything seems to be put on hold when the computer doesn't want to cooperate. I love them AND hate them!!!
    Lovely makes! And looking forward to seeing the bunting.....

  2. Great news that you are back with a fixed computer and those quilts are lovely! I could do with one right now as it's a bit nippy here. Must make myself a lap quilt, but I'm afraid the boys/men would just claim it ;) Bethx