Friday, 23 November 2012

Woolly woodland animals

I am in love with lil foxes and deers at the minute....can't get enough of them. I wanted to make some little foxy decorations out of lovely wool felt. Que frantic searching on pinterest and flickr for real foxes, cartoon foxes, japanese foxes and all sorts of foxes in general. A very happy afternoon was had I can tell you.
So I drew my own fox using inspiration from everywhere, I think the japanese influences won, so here's my lil foxy

Then I thought that deer have a very similar face shape, if I just stretched the legs and and changed the tail he could be a deer too, so here's my lil deer to go with

I can't tell you how happy I am with these little animals but they are a little floppy so not so good for decorations. I so wanted to use them though so I thought I would make some bunting or a form of any way.
Last year I made some little crochet snowflakes thanks to Lucy at Attic 24 I love her blog and her fantastic free tutorials she is so brilliant, she also has a pattern for holly leaves (although mine look more like oak leaves). So my bunting is going to consist of little woodland animals and some crochet leaves and snowflakes, I'll maybe even add some flowers too.

Although it's not finished yet, I want to add some more animals and something to hang it on I'm really pleased with how it's looking, I'm hoping it will be up and finished by Christmas, I'll do some more at sewing club tonight.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend
Emma xxx


  1. How sweet! Those photos just got cuter as I scrolled down the page. It's going to look amayzing! You're so clever!

  2. It's going to look great! The fox and the deer are very sweet and they look lovely put with the crochet leaves and snowflakes. Bethx (thelinencat)

  3. Oh my word - they are so adorable.

    Nina x