Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cute Cushion

Hi, I hope you are having a fab week....wasn't the weekend wonderful ahh lovely sunshine and so warm, everything's green again at last.

This cushion is the first item for my new shop, I've decided to stick with Folksy, we have a new address, new e-mail, I can't remember my password etc so I'm going to start again with a brand new shop ( not opened yet ) I want to fill it with hand made loveliness, everything a one off and beautifully made.
I hand embroidered the little deer and made it into a little quilt with some more bloomsbury gardens fabric. I hand quilted it too, it took a while but I really enjoyed it. 
I brought some lovely soft linen mix for cushion backs, so I've used that for the back with a zip to close, lovely.
Zips have taken some practice but I love the neat finish they give to a cushion so I've stuck with it. My husband was rather alarmed to find a zip and mangled bit of fabric in the bin a couple of weeks ago...I was too frustrated to try and unpick! fortunately my relationship with zips is a bit better now :)
The lovely warm weather doesn't appear to be hanging around, it's still fairly bright and breezy though, I hope you manage to hang on to the warm weather where you are.

Emma x 


  1. That embroidered deer is beautiful - I'm sure it won't be in your shop for long. Well done x Jane

  2. I love my zippers. I keep them in stock in most colors. 100+ kind of love. Your deer cushion is the sweetest.

  3. I LOVE the cushion, Emma! You're so clever!!! :-)

  4. Found you when blog jumping, such a gorgeous cushion and I really like the lap quilt in your last post xx

  5. What a lovely cushion! I love the patchwork around the deer. I still have a moment when I know I have to sew zips in! x

  6. Your cushion cover is really very lovely and I think getting another Folksy shop up and running is the right plan. Also, personally I'm a fan of cushions with zips. Good luck with the shop! Beth/thelinencat x

  7. I have just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading your archives. I am soooo in love with this cushion. XX