Friday, 12 July 2013

One week to go

It's that manic last few days of term...really?...already? can that be?
Did I sneeze and miss a year? I've been sneezing an awful lot recently, along with lots of other people I'm sure.
Once again I find myself in need of some crafty teacher gifts, both the girls teachers have been amazing, they have settled them both in seamlessly and I want to thank them because as you can imagine I'm so grateful to them all.
I spotted a while ago some lovely jars that the lady had wrapped in little quilts oh they where adorable, I can't find the post. I do remember that the lady had either designed or put together some lovely fabrics and she had made the jar wraps to show them off, she had made a whole range of kitcheny goodies. I believe it was called bake sale? any way if anyone knows the blog can you let me know so that I can link it.
So here is my version :)

I love these jars, I've filled them with sweets.

I can see them making lovely Christmas gifts too, in fact I've seen the big candle jars wrapped in them too, how lovely.
Enjoy the last few days of peace and I hope it's not too hectic for you all.

Emma x


  1. Those jars are so pretty, they will make fabulous gifts! Rx

  2. That's a great idea and lovely for teachers gifts. Yep, where did the year go? My boys broke up today and I am so pleased school's out, we all need to relax into the holidays now. Bethx

    1. Thanks Beth, yes I'm so glad to have a break...we all need it xxx