Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little bit of making

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break, ours was peaceful, very happy and obviously I have eaten far to much chocolate...yum.
I have been offered a table at Hollie's school fete in June, which is great and not great as I don't know what to make. As it's in June I need to get started, I think it will be mostly lavender things, I wanted to do something other than bags, I thought key rings would be nice and I quite like the idea of a little house for your house keys. So this is my trial one:

Ok so I guess it's a lavender bag with a key ring on it, but I think it's kind of cute.  It's made out of linen, the roof is out of my scrap bag and it's stuffed with yummy lavender, then hand embroidered. 
Any ideas for school fete makes would be gratefully excepted.
Have a lovely long weekend, thank you Will and Kate, I do hope the day goes well for them and that Kate truly knows what she's letting herself in for.
Emma x


  1. Love it !! Thought you said you hadn't been doing anything though, lol.
    Nic xx

  2. It's not just a lavendar bag with a keyring on it! It's uber lovely! I especially like the heart on the door.

    School fete ideas...bunting sells well, particularly boy bunting as that's harder to get hold of. Personalised book bags, make a heap of generic ones and then people pay extra per letter and get it when it's done. Tissue box covers. Covered note books. At least that's what did well on my friends stall at Christmas. Foodwise, Nigella's cheesy feet went down a storm at my sons preschool Easter party. xxx

  3. Ooh, that's so cute! Yes, I think bunting is probably a good bet! Also maybe little coin purses, shoe/PE bags (drawstring ones), little girl sized bags. And don't forget mug rugs!! I think little things probably sell better than bigger items at this kind of thing. Good luck!
    R x

  4. Love the little house! Looks quite an effort to make though with all that lovely embroidery...could you face doing lots of them? I love the little birds you sent me, plus basic shopping bags are good, and pencil cases, and how about tooth fairy pillows?

  5. Sooo cute! Love your blog BTW, I've just become a Follower. Kerry xx

  6. I'm sure you would sell lots of these at the school fete.Especially love the pretty flowers near the door:)xx

  7. oh it's gorgeous, I love the little curtains!
    Kate x