Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thrift shop treasure

I volunteer one day a week in the thrift shop here, it's a lot of fun we drink lots of tea, put the world to rights and obviously sort hang and sell second hand items. We don't get much in the way of lovely china and linen but we do get lots of lovely clothes a lot of them hardly worn (anything dirty or damaged is sold as rags).  On Wednesday I found this lovely dress for Sophie:

It's cotton and lined, such a beautiful colour and pattern and all the hem is scalloped. It had a bit of loose cotton and needed a wash, this is it all cleaned and pressed she wore it today for the garden party at her school in honour of the royal wedding.
Talking of the royal wedding I managed to get my cushion finished today too.

My brain had to work very hard to get the union jack figured out, but I got there in the end, it looks nice on the sofa I don't think I'll be making another though.
Emma x

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  1. I love your Union Flag cushion, so modern and such a great colour scheme