Saturday, 2 April 2011

Early Birthday Prezzies

Look what the postie brought this morning. I may have.......a-hem......had a bit of a splurge, really I shouldn't have opened it till tomorrow, I couldn't resist. 
I got some new wadding, a little bit of lacy stuff, some lovely grey linen and I thought I would give the Klona cotton a go in a natural shade. It's beautiful very linen like and a really good price. I also treated myself to a bundle of Rural Jardin by French General for Moda. All of this came from Ray-stitch one of my favourite fabric shops.
Right now I'm off to bake a cake for tomorrow with the girls ( Nigella's chocolate fudge cake ) I'll post some pictures if it's around for long enough. I'll be back tomorrow with the give-away winners, it's not too late to enter right, see you tomorrow.

Emma x

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  1. Happy birthday! I was lusting after that Rural Jardin bundle! The only reason I didn't buy it was I managed to convince myself I'd by a full fat quarter set one day... Can't believe I fell for it!