Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pencil cases

Yay I've finally managed to make some more pencil cases, the one I made before for Sophie's little friend went down well, according to Sophie she emptied her old pencil case and filled the new one straight away (I think thats a good sign). I have only done two so far but I think they are really pretty.
 I had some of the lovely lavender grey polka dot fabric left from the baby quilt I did ( I love this fabric I think I'm going to buy a bit more ) so I used that for the first one. I got to do some free motion again too.
I managed to buy the grandmothers garden print from Buttonberry in their closing down sale, I love it, and I got plenty ( I just get it out and look at it mmm so lovely).
 More free motion.

Here they are together and I've been really efficient and listed them in the shop too.
I've been really busy digging my allotment and growing lots of plants lately, hopefully I'll be boring you with some pictures soon.

Emma x


  1. they are beautiful! I love the colours, pink and grey together yum!

    Kate x

  2. Oooh they are lovely Emma. Very girly.
    Em xx

  3. These are so lovely, love the applique/fme, it goes perfectly with the fabric