Saturday, 12 March 2011


So this was the original inspiration for the Charley Harper quilt along. I've gone for the pink and purple bird first.

And here is my finished mug rug for beside my bed, I had to do a little adjustment on the beak as it was too big and I just didn't like it, better now though.

I really like the seed heads or though they do look a little like trees, thats ok though. I found the seed heads on another Charley Harper picture.

Here it is in situ already, just hope I don't spill my tea on it, or that if I do it washes up ok.

Happy days, just got to make Woody's now.

And say a huge thank you to Ethne, for organising and thinking of such a good idea.

Emma x


  1. no, please don't spill your tea on it!!!

  2. Lovely! I'd hand it on a wall before I'd put a mug on it. It is gorgeous.

  3. You are one productive lady! Love it, too good for tea, may be put some plastic over it :)

  4. It is just beautiful and looks very Charley-esque! You chose a wonderful pic for your inspiration :)

  5. It's turned out gorgeous, Nic ♥

  6. looks absolutely great! this is such fun ... I've chosen my print and my fabrics ... just got to get going ... you've inspired me!