Friday, 4 March 2011

World book day

Hollie's school are having a dress as your favourite book character day today for world book day ( it was world book day yesterday but they are dressing up today ). 
Hollie decided she was going as Rose from the Magicians mask....well actually first it was a guinea pig from guinea pigs in the green house, but thats way beyond my capabilities, her into something I could manage.

Luckily she already had a purple dress, so I just had to make her the mask and hair band.
There was a little pattern in sew hip for these lovely flowers so I followed that and attached them to the hair band, Then made some more for the mask.
She looked fab (although quite what state the dress will be in after she has walked across the muddy field to school is another story).
I'm thinking these flowers would make a lovely little brooch for my coat or bag and they were such fun to make, they may start appearing every where.


  1. Hi Emma! Thanks for your lovely comments! Re free motion - my first go was disastrous, but then I realised that you don't have to swivel the fabric around like you would with normal sewing. You can sew backwards just by moving the fabric back towards you. Apparantly you don't need a special foot either, another blogger said they use no foot at all (a little dangerous maybe?!). Give it another go, I bet you'd you'd be brilliant! By the way, your blogger settings don't allow people to reply to comments personally via email, so I couldn't reply to your comment directly, did you mean it to be like that or did you want to change it?

    Ceri x

  2. Hmmm..I think I went into "Edit profile" and then ticked the box that said "make my email address visible". This means that people can get your email address from your profile, but also that when you comment, it comes from your address so I can reply. Try it and then comment and I'll test it for you!