Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lavender cushion

The lavender cushion I had in the shop has sold so I set to work making another one to replace it. I actually made this one a few days ago, but it's been so dark and dismal here that today is the first day I have managed any decent pictures.

I felted a thrifted cashmere jumper and used a bit of it to make the heart, then I just cut out and stitched the butterfly on the top.

I also made use of a small strip of the lovely fabric from Rachel at contented, I love that red and that blue together.

I've had this fabric in my draw for ages I love it and it goes with the other fabrics beautifully.
So thats another item for the shop done.
I hope everyone else has had a bit of sun like we have here.


  1. Hi,
    yes you certainly can buy fabric no.5, if you could email me your paypal address to I will send you a paypal invoice :) thank you.
    Oh and I've marked it as sold on my blog so that its reserved for you.
    Emma x

  2. Pretty. Really effective combination of colour and pattern x

  3. Ooh, the red and blue go beautifully together! And is that cute little house fabric on the back? So pretty!
    R x