Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy birthday and a sneak peak

 Little moo is five today, oh my goodness how quickly time flies. 
I would love to say I made this cake but sadly that isn't the case, I ran out of time ( owing to the fact I was up till 10:20pm icing biscuits for her to take to school ).

Just look at that little bunny isn't she adorable.

I did pipe her name and age on though and considering how much my hand was shaking I think it looks ok, much neater than my hand writing anyway.

When we went away I took some supplies with me, this is what I did.
Definitely going to be a pin cushion, only thing is it's a little baggy and there are tiny holes where I sewed the fabric to the hexagon. Other than that I like the colours and the embroidery, hopefully when it's made up it will be ok, Practice needed I think.
Thats it for today, I haven't been very productive recently, sometimes it's just like that I guess x.


  1. Happy Birthday Sophie!! Five is so grown up! I hope you had a lovely day.
    Emma, your hexies look so pretty! I wouldn't worry about the baggyness - I'm sure that as long as you stuff it really firmly it will look fab.
    R x

  2. Thanks Rachel, I will pack it as firmly as I can, and hope for the best x