Monday, 7 March 2011

Peg emergency

I went outside on Saturday to find that the garden furniture had done this to my peg basket.

I must say I wasn't really that upset because it meant I could make this to replace it.

So much better and I can hang it on the line. 
This means that I don't have to play hunt the pegs when Sophie has magiked them in to monster food and fed them to all her pet monsters that live in the garden. 
Some of these monsters are very shy and only she knows their whereabouts, of course she can't tell me where they live as that would give away their hiding places and upset them, So peg hunting can take a while !

I have also had another go at free motion stitching on the lettering and I think it's ok, a bit wobbly but it isn't supposed to be perfect so I'm happy with that too.

Emma x

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