Monday, 13 February 2012

It's been a year......

Just over I think, a whole year of blogging and it's been fab. I'm so pleased I decided to take the plunge, I've not regretted starting my little blog for one minute and looking back over the last year has been lovely. I did actually achieve quite a lot even though it didn't seem like it some days. So I'm celebrating with a little give-away nothing complex or big just a little something because I'm so grateful for this little on-line community and everyone who follows my blog.
I've had quite a productive week, I finished my little hexie quilt.

This was going to be the give-away, but I was a little mean with the binding and there is a small bit on the back which may not stand up to washing. I am making some pot holders/mats for the shop and decided to give one of these away instead, I've made them with 2 layers of wadding so they will protect your table from teapots and hot plates, or you could just hang them up in the kitchen. This is the one up for grabs.

So if you would like to win just leave a comment on this post, I'm happy to ship any where. Just so you know though the draw will probably be done out of a hat by one of my girls nothing complicated.
I have also done some practice Easter baking, I found the inspiration for these cupcakes on pinterest, I had to try them, they are just a chocolate fairy cake with a swirl of chocolate icing and mini eggs in the middle yum yum.

Have a lovely week and I'll pick a winner of the giveaway for tuesday.

Emma x


  1. Happy blog birthday Emma, those chocolate cupcakes look delicious, nothing quite hits the spot like chocolate.

    I would love the chance to win one of your lovely potholders, it's to pretty to use but would look fab on my kitchen dresser. x

  2. You're adorable :) congrats on the one year anniversary :) xoxo

  3. Obviously I'm soooo far behind in my blog reading that I missed the giveaway but just wanted to say happy blog anniversary and yum to the cupcakes, they look delicious! Beth (the linen cat)x