Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Two lovely ladies entered my little givaway so I'm going to send them both a prize.
So well done to lily at Making it vintage and also Norine at fivebahtelephant I'll e-mail you for your details ladies thank you for entering : )
Speaking of prizes, I've been nominated for the versatile blogger award, hooray : )
So in order to accept the award there are a few rules, firstly, I have to thank the giver of the award and link back to them.
Thank you very much Handmade by Tamara Jayne.
I also have to nominate and notify 15 blogs that I have recently discovered but I'm going to change the rules and suggest 5 for you to visit which I've recently discovered and really enjoy.

1. Making it vintage

2. Craft couture by T.C

3. Is it just me or...

4. Bustle and sew

5. Zakka inspired

These are all lovely inspirational blogs and well worth a look.

Also I have to share 7 things about myself,

1. I love chocolate

2. My favourite colour is purple

3. I listen to radio 2 when I'm sewing

4.  I love marmite : )

5. I hate bananas

6. I love walking with the dog

7. I'm not sure if I like baking or sewing best, or sewing or baking mmm both the same I think.

I have won another battle too ( very proud of myself ) and with out pestering Lily once yay, I have conquered the sock, the heel, the toe, everything, so here is my first ever sock.

I think I need to use one size smaller needles, but the sock fits and I've started the next one yay.
I have decided to make a large quilt too with hexagons. I'm planning to make it with fabric I already have in my stash. I have been very worried about doing a large quilt but I figured that if I can manage to knit socks I can make a big quilt.
I'll leave you with another picture of my new jug and beautiful sunny dafodils, have a lovely week.

Emma x


  1. Well done on the sock - it looks perfect! It took me a while to get the hang of but once I did I found it quite addictive. Some of mine have started going through in the heels though, so I either need to knit some more or learn how to darn properly! Good luck with the big quilt - I've made one double sized quilt and it was only really the basting that caused the most problems - I didn't have anywhere big enough to spread it out! Are you making it with big hexies too?
    PS. Off to check out those new blogs - thanks for the links
    PPS. I love marmite and hate bananas too(the chocolate goes without saying...)

  2. I LOVE your stripey socks Emma, you did a fantastic job.......you may become addicted to sock knitting though, and after knitting socks quilt making will be a breeze.

    Thank you for the Versatile blogger nomination, and I'm over the moon that I, along with Norine, have won your gorgeous giveaway.......so excited........many thanks.

    lily xx

  3. Hello you, sorry I missed your blogiversary, so congrats on that and on the much deserved award. I am also impressed by the sock...that is a lot of work! x

  4. Of course you can make a big quilt. Just expect it to take ages and enjoy it as a lovely companionable WIP.

    I cannot believe somehow I missed your give away. Next time please email me! Please! (as if you have don't anything better to do!! HA!)

    OMG! Your sock! That is awesome. I have just knitted my first pair of socks and I was so proud of them but your's are way more skilled and better. What pattern did you use?