Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh dear...

I have nothing to put in the shop this week, I seem to have lost my momentum, I haven't stuck to the plan at all this week. I have made a few things though.

I had intended to make a few of these little sleepy lavender cushions for the shop for valentines day, but only managed one, it's probably too late for valentines now, they are still cute though and if I manage to do some more I'll still list them. I also managed to make some tiny bunting for my shelf.

It's only little plinked triangles with some embroidery floss, but very cute, I love my new/old shelf, eventually I'm going to paint it white but not yet.
I have also started some more hexagons, ah ha, the new obsession and probably the reason I haven't done much else. I seem to have rumbled myself !

Add to the hexies the snow.....

and my excuses are complete and justifiable....ahem... is anyone convinced? I should also point out that the dog has not been forced onto the trampoline he goes on there on his own, he's a bloomin nutter he is.
Stay warm and have a wonderful week,

Emma x


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog - yours is very pretty, what lovely makes. And of course a very gorgeous dog!

  2. What pretties! Love the little lavendar sachet.

  3. It's all so pretty! I think we might steal your mini bunting idea for our fireplace (that sadly has an utterly blocked up non working chimney!). Dogs do seem to love trampolines but we couldn't get our wonky whippet out into the snow for love or money!

    Kate x

  4. Love that shelf!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award ~ hope that's ok :)

  5. Ooh I love those little buntings and your hexagons, am going to follow you too :)
    Lindsay xx

  6. Yes, I'm blaming the snow for my lack of productivity as well, I think it's a perfectly good excuse ;)

    Love the shelf with it's new bunting. Beth (the linen cat)x