Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An apple a day

Yep more apples, are you bored yet?
I'm doing a mug rug swap and I haven't made one for a while so I thought I would have a little practise run, making mug rugs is fab so no excuse needed really.
I love the saying, "An apple a day" so that got added too. I seem to be going through a stage of putting little quotes on things at the minute. I enjoy hand sewing and it's nice to stitch a few words on to a piece I think.

Also I'm trying to use other colours than pink, I love using pink so it isn't easy, I'm thinking autumnal colours to help myself a bit. Actually two of the prints on this one are from the lovely stash of fabrics sent to me by Ceri, goodness it has been so hard to cut into some of those lovely fabrics hence the fact I still have some left.
Emma x

1 comment:

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