Sunday, 4 September 2011

Baby quilt

One of the my friends at work and his wife are expecting a baby, yay :) just the excuse I need to make another baby quilt. They don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, the big sister and daddy think a girl but mum thinks a boy, I'm with mum because I think us mummies know these things ;). Anyhoo I have tried to go neutral because quite frankly until it comes out no one knows. I have used purples, greens and a lovely autumnal print, I would be happy to use it for a boy or girl hopefully they will like it.

I made a horrible mistake with the quilt label, I stamped the moo and mouse with my stamp from skull and crossbuns, that looked fine, then in my infinite wisdom I decided to write the month and year in fabric pen. It looked awful! So it was a case of putting a patch on or trying to stitch over the top, I thought I would try stitching first and thank goodness it turned out just fine phew. Actually it looks really nice and I will definitely do it again, just not in permanent pen eek.
Emma x


  1. Lovely, and I was just about to comment saying you must have got an embriodery sewing machine, because that label looks great...and then I read that you stitched it, clever lady! x

  2. I really like the scallop quilting. And your embroidery is amazing. As always. :) Baby will love this!

  3. That's lovely. Gorgeous little bird!