Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Fox and the Hedgehog.

"The fox knows many tricks, the hedgehog only one, but it is the best of all" I used this little saying on another autumn mug rug. 

I'm hoping to re-stock my shops soon so I'm building a little collection to sell at christmas fairs or put in the shops we'll see how it goes, they could even be christmas presents. I would love to make all my own this year. I grew those little pumpkins too, aren't they adorable.
Emma x


  1. Oh, that's so cute Emma! I keep saying I'm going to restock my shop too, then never get round to it! Maybe I'll be ready to do that next Christmas!
    R x

  2. Love the combination of fabric choice and words here, this is so perfect! really enjoying your stuff Emma!