Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Busy bee

I have been very busy this week, I have decided I need deadlines to focus and stay on track, I really want to give my shops a proper chance and that means setting myself a target for each week. So I'm aiming to list something in the shop once a week. I want to blog once a week too, hopefully every tuesday, my posts were all over the place last year!
Last week I listed a mini quilt, this week I have some little spring bunnies. I know it's a little early for bunnies but I'm itching for spring to arrive and they are going to encourage it to hurry up a little.

I really enjoyed making these I could sit and stitch tiny bunnies every evening quite happily, which is handy as I'm making more for Easter gifts and as my blog anniversary is near Easter they may feature in a birthday give-away. The boys are listed here and the girls here.
I don't think I will manage any listings this week as I have a commission for some bunting. I figure as I will be paid for the bunting that's fine and finishing it is this weeks target. I have been asked to do red and blue for twin boys and dinosaurs for their little brother. I have started the dinosaur flags

I'm using Klona cotton for the flags and felt for the dinosaurs. I don't usually get to make boys stuff,I'm having so much fun with these dinosaurs, I promise I'll show some pictures when it's finished.
I have also finished and posted this

I can't show the whole thing until Francine has received it, I'm really happy with it, I really enjoy swaps they are a really good way of making friends and meeting people, if you told me this time last year that I would be shipping quilts off to America I would have laughed.

I wish you all a fab week,
Emma x


  1. i love swaps too , i left a comment on twitter about some fabric and the next thing i know i am receiving some in the post ! yay for being on line i say .

  2. I love your bunnies and I'm quite keen for spring to arrive, a bit more daylight would be nice. Lovely bunting too. I think listing an item a week is a good idea, not too pressuring.

    Kate x

  3. I also love the bunnies, they are perfect for Easter or for any other time I think! Boy stuff is fun to do when asked, mine would have loved some dinosaur bunting when younger (now it's more likely to be vampire or batman). Beth (the linen cat)x

  4. the bunnies are adorable x

  5. Hi Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I adore these bunnies, they are so sweet. I love the idea of seasonal decorations too, and not just for Christmas.

    x c

  6. Those bunnies are adorable. Absolutely gorgeous little things. I can imagine they are restful to sit and stitch up.

    The quilt looks suuuuuper!


  7. I've found you through flickr. The bunnies are so adorable.
    You have a great collection over on flickr. I enjoy browsing through them.
    Hope you have a fabulous week. :) I am your new follower.

  8. Your quilt is looking fabulous Emma, I love the little birdies!