Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A few things.....

First of all a little update on Casper the dog, I was trying to get some sneak peaks of the quilt for the swap (more on that later) he just has to get his chocolate nose in everything. We are approaching the 6 month mark now and he is growing very fast. He had to have an operation on his eyelids as they had completely rolled into his eyes, as you can see he has recovered and his eyes look wonderful. No more watery squinting eyes, he was in a lot of discomfort and now he is much happier, which gives him more time to concentrate on his favourite hobby....stealing things especially bits of paper which he likes to shred :0)

Mini quilt swap update. I have very nearly finished now, just a little bit of binding left to sew. The quilt has turned out really well, I would quite like to keep it actually. So here are a few sneak peaks, I'll show the finished quilt when Francine has received it.

I just love that little bird.

Last but not least I have another item to put in the shop, I'll give you a minute to recover from the shock !
It's a quilt, only a small one. It would be perfect to cover your knees on a chilly evening and it's also just the right size for a babies pram or cot. How I wish I knew how to make these when mine were babies.

Ho hum, any way it's listed here pretty little quilt if anyone is interested.
Have a wonderful week,
Emma x


  1. gosh you work fast! both quilts are looking lovely and I am very envious of your binding skills, mine are not nearly so good!

    Kate x

  2. I love your little quilt, I too wish this kind of thing was available when I'd had small children....all these beautiful handmade goodies, so much more special than mass produced. Beth/the linen cat

  3. As always, love yout curvy corners, and well done for stocking the shop..doing that is on my new year list too :) x