Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stripy tights....

I finished my bunting commission and as I had to work all weekend I knew I wouldn't get any shop stuff done so I had a little break and made something for me.

Is it me or is bunting really hard to photograph! There was some blue and red too but I got fed up of trying to photograph it.
On to the stripy tights yay, Kate over at lilipopo has started a project called Twelve Dancing Princesses she is very kindly e-mailing anyone who wishes to have a go, her own embroidery pattern for the first princess. There will be 6 all together with each one coming in 2 sizes so 12 in all. Kate embroiders and draws the most amazing girls and fairies and they all have lovely stripy tights, oh how I love the stripy tights. Now I have my own little princess with stripy tights here she is.

This is my first attempt, I love how she's turned out. I have used quite wintery colours as she is a winter princess. It's lovely to craft something for your own home and you can make whatever you like with your princesses. I would like to make a quilt out of them, so I am doing them all on a linen Square and I'll work out how to join them later. There is a flickr group too lilipopo princesses Every one is totally different which is brilliant.
Completely random (who me ?) but I brought these today on a little trip round our local town, I was hoping for some charity shop bargains but will have to make do with these little clips instead (they were still a bargain, only a couple of pence)

They are for the girls really so I thought I would take a picture before they get lost.
This week I am planning to make a pin cushion for my Mum in laws Birthday, I had made one for her previously but there was an incident with their dog. We won't say any more ! Hopefully I will be able to make some extra for the shop.
Have a happy week,

Emma x


  1. LOVE the princess , was eyeing her up on Lilipopos blog myself - just wishing for some more time !!!

  2. Your stripey legged princess is gorgeous, I don't think I could be so neat with such small stitching. xx

  3. Oh your princess is just amazing, great job!

  4. Hi Emma, those tights are fab, well the whole princess is, but I particularly love the tights...I used to wear them...and the clips were a bargain too!