Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Comfy cushion

So here it is the cushion for my little girls birthday, with 2 weeks to spare hooray.
I traced this little bunny from one of her own drawings, it's so cute, I just love their squiggles so inspiring, ( I hope she doesn't expect royalties ).
I did some more embroidery because I love it .

I used a different method of finishing this cushion, I really enjoy binding and it looks lovely on a pillow, saved all that turning inside out faffing too.
Here it is in situ, I do hope she likes it. She had another cushion ( called comfy cushion ) but as she suffers from asthma and it couldn't be washed it had to go. This one has a removable cover and a anti allergy inner so it should be better for her. I'm really pleased with it and I hope she will have it for many years.