Friday, 11 February 2011


Moo's cushion still isn't finished yet so I thought I would show another cushion that I made for me a couple of weeks ago.
 I love the little birds. I'm still feeling the need to be comfy and cosy so I'm still choosing wintery colours. In the warmer weather I think I'll make more covers so I can change them to suit the seasons.
I have used a feather inner for this one and it is soooo soft and squidgy, most of the fabrics are Momo's 'it's a hoot' they are really soft to the touch and lovely to work with. I have backed it with a lovely soft cord.

 Here is a little bit of a cushion I knitted in the winter, I think it was with colour-scape by Kaffe Fasset (not sure on the spelling), is it possible to get all those colours on one ball of wool, it was so much fun to knit and watch the colours changing.
 That black fluffy thing is not a cushion but a cat, I can confirm that she spent the whole of yesterday in that spot and as you can see was not that happy at having a flash go off in her face (poor Spell). She was asleep again in 5 seconds flat so I don't think I disturbed her too much.

Right, the sun is shining so I'm off to snap some pictures of the hyacinths.....they are looking gorgeous xxx


  1. Ooooo lovely cushion! I've got some of "It's a Hoot" and am slowly using it, much as it it pains me to cut into it!

  2. I noticed that on your lovely cushion x