Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For the shop

I am addicted to lavender, I love lavender bags, and I think I will end up putting rather a lot of them in the shop.
I made this one yesterday with some little bits left from a comfy cushion I'm making Moo for her birthday (pictures to follow). It was so much fun to make. I love small projects that just take an satisfying. So now there are three things in the shop.

Really great news, Poppy (sewing machine) is back from being fixed, although I haven't tried her out yet she looks fine. I'm not putting Gertrude (old sewing machine) away again, she is far too beautiful and needs to be where we can all see her, not in that horrible box in the cupboard of doom.
Well the sun is shining again and I have some house work to do before I collect the children from school, have a lovely rest of the day xxx.


  1. That is so pretty, Emma, I love the fabrics you have used!
    R x

  2. I love the fabrics, they came from Buttonberry and they had 40% off too x