Monday, 14 February 2011

On baking

Mmm baking, appart from crafting I also love to bake and in the spirit of Valentines day some heart shaped cookies have been made. Most have gone to the school for a fund raiser, but some stayed at home.
Biscuit scoffing is not good for a diet but hey-ho.
As you can see the hyacinths are still looking beautiful and now they smell lovely too, I think they will be in most pictures from now on....sorry, but aren't they lovely and the Greengate jug too I so love Greengate.
I also love to bake bread, if only you could smell through a computer, this loaf was virtually still steaming when I took this's gone now though. Bread baking is so satisfying I love it. I get an immense sense of pride when I've made a loaf for my family.
It's those hyacinths again. My lovely husband brought me a coffee just now in this pretty heart mug...(I know it looks as though he brought me a cup full of flowers...that would be fine with me) but it is coffee, a very nice coffee too, he is a coffee master.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Happy Valentines xxxx


  1. Those biscuits look amazing! getting hungry just reading your blog :)

  2. I saw your comment on inspiredbyfelix and was captured by your blog name... my 4 year old daughter has a beloved, bedraggled toy mouse which never leaves her side...called Moo!!Your blog is very pretty, and I too, feel hungry now! Good luck with it...

  3. We call our 4 year old daughter Moo and her elder sister Mouse, I couldn't think of a better name for the blog so it stuck. Thank you for the luck xxxx

  4. I'm with you on bread, I often bake it for us as well, especially in the colder months but I have biscuit envy, how lovely are those? Bet your school are more than pleased to have you contributing. Happy valentines and thanks for popping over the the linen cat earlier :)