Monday, 7 February 2011

A present for my Brother.

So it's soon to be my Brother Alex's Birthday, I'm sticking to my hand made theme (although I find mens presents a challenge...probably because they aren't pink). My husband "Woody" is often quite helpful in these matters, it has to be small and useful. I love making mug rugs and we thought it would be ideal for him as it's small and useful. I got the inspiration for the embroidery from "scandinavian needlecraft" which is a recent purchase that I love.
I also would really like scandinavian stitches too, it's nearly my never know.
 So here it is (don't worry I don't think he will read this) the front.
The back.
 I really loved doing the embroidery,
 and the binding, I love binding. I should also point out that this whole mat was made on my 72 year old singer sewing machine as pictured on the blog header, My other sewing machine got stuck in bobbin winding mode so has gone to be fixed as it is still under warranty.
This is Woody's favourite coffee cup, I think it is quite manly and it goes well with the mat ( Alex can't have the cup though). I may get him one too.
Just one more little bit of super exciting news if you go over to you will find details of her one day sale with free postage, wahoo I'm making a list already.....she sells buttons tonnes of lovely buttons at really good prices and ribbons and buttons and felt and get the idea. I know what I'm doing tomorrow, I'll post pictures of what I order.
Have a fab day xxx


  1. What a fab mug rug! I have that book too, it's really lovely (although I still haven't actually made anything from it yet!) And how wonderful that you used that beautiful Singer to make it - I have one too, my Nana's, which I think is about 80 yrs old, a hand cranked one - I really must take it to be serviced so that I can use it as it is such a shame to just leave it in it's box!
    Rachel x

  2. Thank you, I'm really pleased with it. It was your fab tutorial that showed me how to actually make them, thank you.
    I think my singer belonged to my great Nana, although no-one seems certain, I literally hoiked it out of it's box hoovered out the dust oiled it and started sewing. Apart from having to adjust the tension it was fine, it hasn't been used for over 2 years and never serviced as far as I know. I'm going to keep it out I forgot how lovely it is.
    Thank you so much for looking at my blog, I think I've been all the way back through yours it's fab xxx

  3. Oooo I love your mug rug, that's my kind of patchwork!. I'm going to be your first follower and see what else you come up with!