Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thrifty finds

Hello again, the sun is shining hooray.
I'm a thrifty kind of girl and I love reusing old things and a bargain of course, who doesn't?
So here are a few recent finds that I'm really pleased with.

I found this old basket in a cupboard at my Mum and Dad's house, technically I'm borrowing it...but I can't see them wanting it back....fingers crossed. I'm using it to keep magazines in at the moment and I love it.

I was having a nose round the charity shop the other day (I hardly ever find any thing) and I found this lovely glass jar it has a daisy on the lid, lovely, I love pressed glass. Definitely a bargain, it cost 50p.
As you can see I'm making the most of Alex's mug rug before I have to give it to him.
This was not a bargain but I love my Susie Cooper tea-pot and I use it every day, hmm time for a cup of tea now I think x


  1. Another new blogger! I'm so pleased to bump into you over at Flossie Teacakes. Charity shop finds are very special, the main thingI look for is old embroidered table cloths

  2. Hi there Emma, love your mug rug, the embroidery is beautiful and the little pencil case you made is gorgeous.

  3. Love charity shops myself, oh the treasures they can hold. Love the pressed glass jar and I have several, they date from the 70's and mine came with Nescafe coffee in. Hope you don't mind the little history lesson.

  4. No I don't mind at all, why can't coffee come in such nice jars now x