Saturday, 26 February 2011

A few treats

I can't believe how fast the last few days have gone, We could do with another week off.
We had a lovely time at Mum and Dads, I always feel totally spoilt when I stay with them.
The children have beautiful new hair do's and of course there was some shopping.
I found this lovely jumper from Laura Ashley for £12.00 in the sale and the tea towel was also from Laura Ashley, also in the sale ( I don't think it will be used it's too pretty) and a cute little wire love heart for the kitchen.
I had to show you this lovely wrapping paper from Paperchase too, it's so pretty I had to buy two sheets (can't see me using that either).
I did do a little sewing, but I didn't manage any pictures so I'll keep that for another day.
So we're back at home me a little heavier due to Mum's wonderful cooking and the children tired and a little sad that it was all over too soon, I'm sure we'll be back in the Easter hols, if Mum and Dad agree that is.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A few days away

The girls and I are going to my Mum and Dads for a few days and to keep me amused in the evenings I've gathered up a few supplies.
Not a great picture (sorry) once again it's so dark all the pictures I've taken today have been bad.
Anyway, supplies, I thought I would try some hexagons, the ones I have are diddy but thats ok as I would like to have a go at some pin cushions so they should be the perfect size.   
I haven't seen Mum and Dad for a while and I'm really excited, hopefully we will manage some girlie shopping while we are there too.
Enjoy the rest of half term x

Monday, 21 February 2011

I nearly fell off my chair when I got an e-mail from Helen at saying she had featured this lavender cushion from my shop. Thank you so much Helen.
I am actually really spurred on to make some more items now, and I think there will be a few more of these lavender cushions in different colours. 
They are a joy to make, the only thing is, working with lavender really does make me sleepy so I don't know how productive I'll be. 
Hopefully I'll be back very soon with some finished cushions to show x.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

My first swap

I was lucky enough to be involved in a swap with Rachel at contented, she had some fabric which wasn't suitable for what she wanted so was offering a swap.
I didn't have any fabric that was suitable so I sent a mug rug, a little lavender heart and a few little things, Rachel has blogged about them at
Not only did Rachel send the lovely fabric ( and it is lovely) but also some really pretty ribbon and some chocolate yummy.
Thank you so much Rachel.
I have only been blogging for about two weeks and already I have met some lovely people I'm just sorry I didn't do this earlier, I've been thinking about it for a year.
Also along with Rachel's parcel there was one from Buttonberry.
I have only just discovered Buttonberry, but as both the ladies are expecting babies they are closing, hopefully they will re-open at a later date, as the selection of fabrics is excellent and the service is too.
So all in all it's been like Christmas morning for me here eek did I just say the C word, sorry about that.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx

Friday, 18 February 2011


How gorgeous are these sparkly shoes, and those cute little purple toe nails.
These toes belong to Mouse, she was really pleased with her pedicure and wanted pictures in her disco shoes.
She did indeed go to a disco last night and had a fab time, this girl loves to dance.
I wonder if I could get/get away with shoes like that ?
It's the last day of term today so we all have a week off, and we are all so ready, the girls have been very emotional and to a bit.
Off to take Moo for the 2nd instalment of her flu jab (joy) then make the most of the peace until 3.00.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx.
p.s those shoes came in red too x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spring is on it's way

Originally uploaded by moo and mouse
Look what I found at the bottom of the garden, under the trampoline, a teeny tiny primrose.
I didn't put it there it got there all by itself on it's own, how very clever.
If that isn't a sign that spring is on it's way I don't know what is.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Comfy cushion

So here it is the cushion for my little girls birthday, with 2 weeks to spare hooray.
I traced this little bunny from one of her own drawings, it's so cute, I just love their squiggles so inspiring, ( I hope she doesn't expect royalties ).
I did some more embroidery because I love it .

I used a different method of finishing this cushion, I really enjoy binding and it looks lovely on a pillow, saved all that turning inside out faffing too.
Here it is in situ, I do hope she likes it. She had another cushion ( called comfy cushion ) but as she suffers from asthma and it couldn't be washed it had to go. This one has a removable cover and a anti allergy inner so it should be better for her. I'm really pleased with it and I hope she will have it for many years.

Monday, 14 February 2011

On baking

Mmm baking, appart from crafting I also love to bake and in the spirit of Valentines day some heart shaped cookies have been made. Most have gone to the school for a fund raiser, but some stayed at home.
Biscuit scoffing is not good for a diet but hey-ho.
As you can see the hyacinths are still looking beautiful and now they smell lovely too, I think they will be in most pictures from now on....sorry, but aren't they lovely and the Greengate jug too I so love Greengate.
I also love to bake bread, if only you could smell through a computer, this loaf was virtually still steaming when I took this's gone now though. Bread baking is so satisfying I love it. I get an immense sense of pride when I've made a loaf for my family.
It's those hyacinths again. My lovely husband brought me a coffee just now in this pretty heart mug...(I know it looks as though he brought me a cup full of flowers...that would be fine with me) but it is coffee, a very nice coffee too, he is a coffee master.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Happy Valentines xxxx

Friday, 11 February 2011


Moo's cushion still isn't finished yet so I thought I would show another cushion that I made for me a couple of weeks ago.
 I love the little birds. I'm still feeling the need to be comfy and cosy so I'm still choosing wintery colours. In the warmer weather I think I'll make more covers so I can change them to suit the seasons.
I have used a feather inner for this one and it is soooo soft and squidgy, most of the fabrics are Momo's 'it's a hoot' they are really soft to the touch and lovely to work with. I have backed it with a lovely soft cord.

 Here is a little bit of a cushion I knitted in the winter, I think it was with colour-scape by Kaffe Fasset (not sure on the spelling), is it possible to get all those colours on one ball of wool, it was so much fun to knit and watch the colours changing.
 That black fluffy thing is not a cushion but a cat, I can confirm that she spent the whole of yesterday in that spot and as you can see was not that happy at having a flash go off in her face (poor Spell). She was asleep again in 5 seconds flat so I don't think I disturbed her too much.

Right, the sun is shining so I'm off to snap some pictures of the hyacinths.....they are looking gorgeous xxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Should be enlightening

I am going to be following this. There will be lot of advice from very experienced bloggers, I think it will be very interesting, especially if you are new to blogging like me x


Spring happy they make me

 I spotted these hyacinths yesterday, they are perfect. I just can't wait for them to open and release their beautiful fragrance.
I'm going to take pictures as they open, I've never had cut hyacinths before so it will be interesting to see how long they last.
Sunshine in a pot.

I love these they brighten up my day and you sort of feel that spring is not too far away, they also make a lovely disguise for a very ugly fire.
Woody gave me this beautiful orchid for mothers day last year,  she has flowered all year and still looks lovely so she had to be included.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For the shop

I am addicted to lavender, I love lavender bags, and I think I will end up putting rather a lot of them in the shop.
I made this one yesterday with some little bits left from a comfy cushion I'm making Moo for her birthday (pictures to follow). It was so much fun to make. I love small projects that just take an satisfying. So now there are three things in the shop.

Really great news, Poppy (sewing machine) is back from being fixed, although I haven't tried her out yet she looks fine. I'm not putting Gertrude (old sewing machine) away again, she is far too beautiful and needs to be where we can all see her, not in that horrible box in the cupboard of doom.
Well the sun is shining again and I have some house work to do before I collect the children from school, have a lovely rest of the day xxx.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thrifty finds

Hello again, the sun is shining hooray.
I'm a thrifty kind of girl and I love reusing old things and a bargain of course, who doesn't?
So here are a few recent finds that I'm really pleased with.

I found this old basket in a cupboard at my Mum and Dad's house, technically I'm borrowing it...but I can't see them wanting it back....fingers crossed. I'm using it to keep magazines in at the moment and I love it.

I was having a nose round the charity shop the other day (I hardly ever find any thing) and I found this lovely glass jar it has a daisy on the lid, lovely, I love pressed glass. Definitely a bargain, it cost 50p.
As you can see I'm making the most of Alex's mug rug before I have to give it to him.
This was not a bargain but I love my Susie Cooper tea-pot and I use it every day, hmm time for a cup of tea now I think x

Monday, 7 February 2011

A present for my Brother.

So it's soon to be my Brother Alex's Birthday, I'm sticking to my hand made theme (although I find mens presents a challenge...probably because they aren't pink). My husband "Woody" is often quite helpful in these matters, it has to be small and useful. I love making mug rugs and we thought it would be ideal for him as it's small and useful. I got the inspiration for the embroidery from "scandinavian needlecraft" which is a recent purchase that I love.
I also would really like scandinavian stitches too, it's nearly my never know.
 So here it is (don't worry I don't think he will read this) the front.
The back.
 I really loved doing the embroidery,
 and the binding, I love binding. I should also point out that this whole mat was made on my 72 year old singer sewing machine as pictured on the blog header, My other sewing machine got stuck in bobbin winding mode so has gone to be fixed as it is still under warranty.
This is Woody's favourite coffee cup, I think it is quite manly and it goes well with the mat ( Alex can't have the cup though). I may get him one too.
Just one more little bit of super exciting news if you go over to you will find details of her one day sale with free postage, wahoo I'm making a list already.....she sells buttons tonnes of lovely buttons at really good prices and ribbons and buttons and felt and get the idea. I know what I'm doing tomorrow, I'll post pictures of what I order.
Have a fab day xxx

Friday, 4 February 2011


Well, the first post and I'm completely stumped as to what to write.
So I'll just post about what I have made today.
My littlest girl has been asked to a birthday party, her first in fact. She is not quite 5 and has just started school so it will probably be the first of many.

I have been trying to make presents for people rather than buying because I think hand made is better.
This is what I came up, it even has her name on it so it won't get lost at school.
I am sorry about the pictures I'm not great at photography and it is really dingy today.