Saturday, 16 July 2011

Teacher gifts (with a ps)

It's that time of year again how the heck is my baby about to finish reception.....where does time go ????
Any-hoo I've made glasses cases for Sophie's teachers, who are fantastic and I'm so pleased that Sophie still has the same class room assistant next year, who was also Hollie's class room assistant, she's lovely and both my girlies adore her. Hollie is old enough to help make her teacher's present this year and she took a liking to the cat bag charm in Sew Hip, I thought it looked simple enough to do together so we had a go. Hollie used the sewing machine and chose the fabrics, she finds embroidery and small stuff frustrating so I did the fiddly bits, this is what we made (her teacher loves cats)

I'm sure she will like it and even more so as Hollie has helped to make it.
Emma x
Ps I've just been looking through that sew hip mag again, I obviously didn't take it in at the time, the kitten keyring pattern is by Kate popvoski whose blog is the fabulous Lilipopo, sorry Kate I can only put it down to end of term induced dippy-ness.

Monday, 11 July 2011


My sewing box is finished, yay! Already it's full of all my stuff that was in a plastic bag behind the sofa...(you know the one I mean). All the sharp things are in the bottom, which with my two girlies is a lot safer than the pen pots they were in before, even a little bit of knitting fits in the top so it's to hand and away from little fingers that can do an awful lot of damage to a bit of knitting ( such as removing it from needles....grrr )!!!

So here it is, still very rustic looking and I could have done with filling the holes where the handle was but I'm so pleased with it.
Yesterday I went to Hampton Court Flower Show, It was fab I had a lovely day walked miles and saw lots, I may have a-hem spent a bit too, on plants and a new brolly, ( I needed them I really did ).

This garden was called The Stockman's Retreat by Chris Beardshaw I think and apologise if the name is spelt wrong it was so beautiful I loved it.

They had an Alice in Wonderland theme for the floral marquee I loved this stack of cups and saucers, especially the green stripey one that some how reminds me of a squash. Wouldn't you just love a little stack like that in your kitchen? I know I would.
Emma x
p.s sorry about the blurriness of the top two pictures, I can't seem to take a picture with the flash that isn't blurry, any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong would be gratefully received x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Todays harvest and a visitor

I got drenched today whilst picking my veggies but it was so worth it.

I also picked a lovely head of broccoli this morning and found this little beastie,

actually quite cute but I don't want him on my broccoli thank you very much.
Emma x