Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My new table runner

We got a beautiful new table...before Christmas, it's lovely and I really don't want to hide it under a table cloth but I would like to offer it some protection form hot things and messy children :o)
So I made me a table runner, I really enjoyed's a quilt for the table and I love making quilts yay.

I used my last piece of Ruby Star Rising and it looks really lovely, soon there wont be anything left in my house that hasn't had a quilt thrown at it lol.
Enjoy the rest of the week
Emma x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The quilt obsession continues

It's been so snowy here, we've had snow on the ground for a week and it's still beautiful, crisp and white.
As the roads are clear I'm rather enjoying it along with the children and the dog.
The temperature hmm well not quite so much, it was  -9 last night brrrr and it has been as cold as -13 really brrrr.
All this cold weather has spurred me on to finish another quilt, I really loved Mum and Dad's Joel Dewberry quilt so I used the rest of the fabric to make my own.
I have been putting brushed cotton on the back of my quilts just for it's's so soft and warm.
Brushed cotton is really expensive, so I had a look into alternatives and I found you can get really good quality 100% cotton brushed cotton flat sheets in loads of colours for a very reasonable price :o) They work extremely well as a quilt backing.
Any way enough of my blethering, here it is.

It's so cosy.
Stay warm where you are,
Emma x

Friday, 11 January 2013

Amaryllis...and a bit of bunting too

 So each year I like to treat myself to an Amaryllis and usually I just get one from the supermarket or wherever I happen to see one.
Well this year I treated myself to three really nice ones from Sarah Raven, they were alot of money and I hoped they would be worth it.
Oh my goodness it is worth spending a bit more, I wasn't disappointed.

This one is called Liberty, she had four beautiful flowers on this stem and there's another flower head waiting to take over when this one is done.

This one is called Emerald, I've never seen another like it, this picture was taken just as it opened, shortly after all the flowers burst open, very delicate and pretty.

Last but not least, this one is called Green Goddess and also has another flower head to come and they were all in flower for Christmas day...that was definitely a fluke.
I'm going to put them in the garden over the summer, then lift them and grow them again next year, apparently this is very achievable...we'll see.

After having a look at bunting on pinterest and flickr I decided to try some different shapes, I decided on a sort of square with rounded edges.

Well it certainly brightens up the kitchen window.....I still love the traditional triangle flags though.

Have a fantastic weekend,
Emma x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Well hello there....

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year :o)
As usual ours was very quiet but thats how we like it.
In my spare time over Christmas I turned my attention to the next season if you can call it a season, Valentines, I suppose for me it's another excuse to make things with the happy colours of pinks and reds and colour is needed at this time of year don't you think ?
I rather love making quilts but they are very time consuming and I have recently discovered that making cushions as a mini quilt turned into a cushion is very satisfying as a cushion can be finished in a day if I put my mind to it.
I've done two so far, want to see?

Trouble is I don't want to sell them, thats a good thing though because that means I'm really pleased with them and whoever buys them hopefully will be too.
Well my two girlies are still off school so I'm off to make tea, a very un-Christmassy pizza :o)

Emma x