Friday, 24 May 2013

Help Arthur smile :)

I have been reading Marna's blog Little a designs and her work is amazing, the cushions and rosettes and other fabric goodness, she also blogs a good deal of sense about the realities of running a small business, any way her little boy Arthur needs some help and she's stuck this link will explain. I have a few friends who have been in similar situations and I wanted to help. I was unsuccessful with NOTHS so I have a few bits and pieces for the shop without a home and I'm nowhere nearer to opening a folksy shop either. So this cushion has been in a bag and I wondered if I could donate it for the raffle to help Arthur.

I could and I have so it and a whole heap of other wonderful makes are all raffle prizes here and the tickets are only £2 each...go see.

I haven't had a give-away for a while either so I'll be back after half term with a lovely give-away yay, have a marvellous time in the holidays and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.
Emma xxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

We're off on a walk...would you like to come ?

Yay we're so pleased, this is Casper he loves his walks.

Finally the hedgerows are turning green, I love the cow parsley, each individual flower is so pretty and perfect, lovely.

The stormy sky makes the oil seed rape look so bright, it almost hurts your eyes.

I wonder how this little barn is still standing, it's defying gravity, theres a little stream of smoke coming through the trees just beyond, lets have a little look.

It's coming from this tiny barn and chimney, I so want to go in I wonder if someones making tea the old fashioned way...why don't I bring a flask with me? Casper wouldn't mind.

I spotted this little bird in the tree, actually we heard it first, singing beautifully, it took me ages to see it, I think it might be a song thrush ?

Well thats nearly the end of our walk now, just another mile or so to go I could follow these little roads all day with my friend Casper, I hope you enjoyed coming along. I might do this every month or so, so I can see how the landscape changes. We absolutely love it here, I hope we can stay a while (sigh)

Have a marvellous bank holiday I hope it stays dry. 
Do you have some good plans for the weekend ?

I don't get e-mails of comments any more so I'm going to reply to comments on here in the comments section until I figure out whats gone wrong.

Emma x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cute Cushion

Hi, I hope you are having a fab week....wasn't the weekend wonderful ahh lovely sunshine and so warm, everything's green again at last.

This cushion is the first item for my new shop, I've decided to stick with Folksy, we have a new address, new e-mail, I can't remember my password etc so I'm going to start again with a brand new shop ( not opened yet ) I want to fill it with hand made loveliness, everything a one off and beautifully made.
I hand embroidered the little deer and made it into a little quilt with some more bloomsbury gardens fabric. I hand quilted it too, it took a while but I really enjoyed it. 
I brought some lovely soft linen mix for cushion backs, so I've used that for the back with a zip to close, lovely.
Zips have taken some practice but I love the neat finish they give to a cushion so I've stuck with it. My husband was rather alarmed to find a zip and mangled bit of fabric in the bin a couple of weeks ago...I was too frustrated to try and unpick! fortunately my relationship with zips is a bit better now :)
The lovely warm weather doesn't appear to be hanging around, it's still fairly bright and breezy though, I hope you manage to hang on to the warm weather where you are.

Emma x