Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tiny hexagon pin cusions

This weeks goal was a pin cushion for my mother in law with a few more for the shop. I had a little experiment with some tiny hexagons, they are seriously small at about 1.5 cm at the widest point, really cute. This is the one for Mum in law, made out of linen and the hexies, which are all made out of cotton prints in lovely spring pinks and greens. I finished it off with some embroidery, I hope she likes it.

 These are the ones I made for the shop, they are basically the same but with the word pins embroidered on them instead of a heart. I only managed two, well three but one had a tiny mistake so I'm keeping that one for me ( I used a biro instead of my fabric pen on a hexie, a moment of inattention that I didn't notice until it was finished ) never mind I need a new one anyway. These are available here.

I haven't come up with this weeks plan yet, I was thinking something valentines as it nearly is, ooh and have you seen all the mini bunting that is fluttering around every where, I would love to have a go at that. I brought a little wooden shelf from the thrift shop to keep all my pretty's on and I would love to hang some on there. Lucy at attic24 has made some with crochet, lovely lovely lovely as all her creations are and I think I'm going to have a go with fabric as my crochet is not that good. 
I'm making a loaf of bread today and it is ready for it's next knead so I'm off, I hope your week is wonderful,

Emma x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Stripy tights....

I finished my bunting commission and as I had to work all weekend I knew I wouldn't get any shop stuff done so I had a little break and made something for me.

Is it me or is bunting really hard to photograph! There was some blue and red too but I got fed up of trying to photograph it.
On to the stripy tights yay, Kate over at lilipopo has started a project called Twelve Dancing Princesses she is very kindly e-mailing anyone who wishes to have a go, her own embroidery pattern for the first princess. There will be 6 all together with each one coming in 2 sizes so 12 in all. Kate embroiders and draws the most amazing girls and fairies and they all have lovely stripy tights, oh how I love the stripy tights. Now I have my own little princess with stripy tights here she is.

This is my first attempt, I love how she's turned out. I have used quite wintery colours as she is a winter princess. It's lovely to craft something for your own home and you can make whatever you like with your princesses. I would like to make a quilt out of them, so I am doing them all on a linen Square and I'll work out how to join them later. There is a flickr group too lilipopo princesses Every one is totally different which is brilliant.
Completely random (who me ?) but I brought these today on a little trip round our local town, I was hoping for some charity shop bargains but will have to make do with these little clips instead (they were still a bargain, only a couple of pence)

They are for the girls really so I thought I would take a picture before they get lost.
This week I am planning to make a pin cushion for my Mum in laws Birthday, I had made one for her previously but there was an incident with their dog. We won't say any more ! Hopefully I will be able to make some extra for the shop.
Have a happy week,

Emma x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Busy bee

I have been very busy this week, I have decided I need deadlines to focus and stay on track, I really want to give my shops a proper chance and that means setting myself a target for each week. So I'm aiming to list something in the shop once a week. I want to blog once a week too, hopefully every tuesday, my posts were all over the place last year!
Last week I listed a mini quilt, this week I have some little spring bunnies. I know it's a little early for bunnies but I'm itching for spring to arrive and they are going to encourage it to hurry up a little.

I really enjoyed making these I could sit and stitch tiny bunnies every evening quite happily, which is handy as I'm making more for Easter gifts and as my blog anniversary is near Easter they may feature in a birthday give-away. The boys are listed here and the girls here.
I don't think I will manage any listings this week as I have a commission for some bunting. I figure as I will be paid for the bunting that's fine and finishing it is this weeks target. I have been asked to do red and blue for twin boys and dinosaurs for their little brother. I have started the dinosaur flags

I'm using Klona cotton for the flags and felt for the dinosaurs. I don't usually get to make boys stuff,I'm having so much fun with these dinosaurs, I promise I'll show some pictures when it's finished.
I have also finished and posted this

I can't show the whole thing until Francine has received it, I'm really happy with it, I really enjoy swaps they are a really good way of making friends and meeting people, if you told me this time last year that I would be shipping quilts off to America I would have laughed.

I wish you all a fab week,
Emma x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A few things.....

First of all a little update on Casper the dog, I was trying to get some sneak peaks of the quilt for the swap (more on that later) he just has to get his chocolate nose in everything. We are approaching the 6 month mark now and he is growing very fast. He had to have an operation on his eyelids as they had completely rolled into his eyes, as you can see he has recovered and his eyes look wonderful. No more watery squinting eyes, he was in a lot of discomfort and now he is much happier, which gives him more time to concentrate on his favourite hobby....stealing things especially bits of paper which he likes to shred :0)

Mini quilt swap update. I have very nearly finished now, just a little bit of binding left to sew. The quilt has turned out really well, I would quite like to keep it actually. So here are a few sneak peaks, I'll show the finished quilt when Francine has received it.

I just love that little bird.

Last but not least I have another item to put in the shop, I'll give you a minute to recover from the shock !
It's a quilt, only a small one. It would be perfect to cover your knees on a chilly evening and it's also just the right size for a babies pram or cot. How I wish I knew how to make these when mine were babies.

Ho hum, any way it's listed here pretty little quilt if anyone is interested.
Have a wonderful week,
Emma x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mini quilt swap

I'm kick starting my creative new year with a swap. It's with the group "mini quilt swap" on flickr and the theme is "first thing in the morning". I'm partnered with Francine who blogs at mochawildchild, we both go for more modern style quilts with modern colour ways. I really wanted to do tea/coffee maybe with a few birds too and Francine is up for that yay, so I picked some fabrics....

I think these fabrics are quite different in colour to what I usually go for, very bright and fresh, I love them, I'm hoping there may be some left for the stash : )
So here's a sneak peak of where I am so far, well actually I did some more last night but it's really dark today so I can't show you anymore I'm afraid.

It's all looking ok and I'm quite pleased with how it's going, when we get a good day I'll take some more pictures. I hope you all have some projects planned to get you through January and february too. I try to embrace each new month and the changes it brings but I struggle a little with the first couple of months of the year, so I have lots of projects planned to make it fly by happily : )

Emma x