Friday, 26 June 2015

Happy Mail

Last week my lovely bloggy friend Rachel from contented contacted me and asked if I would like to take part in a "mail tag". 
After a quick bit of research in which I discovered that mail tag seems to be an inexpensive way to get creative, send and receive a lovely letter through the post and get to know a little more about your mail tagger via some requests and questions (if that's the right way to put it???)  I decided I most definitely did want to take part in a mail tag, so said I yes! (in about 5 seconds flat lol)
Rachel said she would start and I waited excitedly for the postie  :-)
The postie did indeed arrive yesterday with some very happy mail.

Look at the beautiful stamped envelope, I knew what it was straight away.

 I was a little worried I would be able to think of any requests but as soon as I opened Rachel's letter I had loads of ideas, I can't wait to send a letter to her :-)

there are little envelopes hand made with lovely magazine pages and some really pretty washi. 
I love the creative writing too, although mine may not be up to that standard !

I have just started a smash book and I think my mail tags are going to live in it for safe keeping. 

Right, I'm off to create my own mail tag, see you soon,

Emma xxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

If anyone comes across my sewing mojo, could you send it in my direction...

So once again at this time of year my urge to sew has left the building... so I have nothing really to show :-(
I have been really enjoying planner decoration, this is about as crafty as it's been round here of late.

We have also joined the national trust as there are quite a few places to go near us.

These were taken at Benthall Hall. 
I also fell in love with this beautiful land girl scarecrow at Wightwick Manor. 
For some reason, I didn't take many other photos at Wightwick I think it's because I had the dog....note to self give hubby the dog so I can take pictures ! 
I know we'll go back it was a lovely place, fantastic vegetable garden.

See isn't she amazing :-)

Hopefully be back soon,

Emma x